We’re already bracing ourselves for one of the tightest Premier League title races in years. 

With the benefit of just a few months of hindsight, it’s incredible to think Liverpool raced to their crown by 18 points in the summer. 

After beating Tottenham on Wednesday night, there will have been a feeling of ‘normal service resumed’ as Jurgen Klopp’s men returned to the top of the table. 

But we’re only just entering into a notoriously hectic Christmas schedule and there could be countless twists and turns over the next few weeks – let alone by May. 

As a result, it’s very difficult to predict how the top half will shape up, but it will certainly be interesting to see whether Tottenham can sustain their title challenge and if Southampton can keep up their blistering start to the campaign. 

In the Daily Mail, Chris Sutton has undertaken the unenviable task of doing just that – predicting the final eight. 

Sutton has definitely stuck his neck out with some of his predictions. For example, in spite of Spurs having lost just twice this season – to Everton on the opening day and to Liverpool in midweek – he believes Mourinho’s tactics will hold them back. 

“I’m not sure Spurs can win the title with their smash-and-grab style,” Sutton writes.

Ultimately, he has largely kept faith with what he predicted before the season started. Let’s take a look at his top eight: 

1. Manchester City

2. Liverpool

3. Manchester United

4. Chelsea

5. Tottenham

6. Leicester

7. Southampton

8. Everton 

As for Southampton, they would no doubt have been delighted if they’d been offered 7th at the start of the season, but they’re currently just four points off top spot in 3rd. 

“I went with Manchester City in my pre-season predictions, followed by Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea,” Sutton added.

“City may have endured an indifferent start, but I’ll stick with my forecast for the time being. That is despite Liverpool looking formidable, even though they have some big names sidelined.”

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