A former staff of Wazobia FM, Hillary Okechukwu, has reportedly commited suicide a day after losing his job at the media outfit.

It was gathered that the deceased was a sales executive with the Lagos-based broadcaster until November 18, when he was asked to resign after being accused of misappropriating company funds.

Okechukwu, whom colleagues said had been with Wazobia FM for at least 10 years, reportedly suffered cardiac arrest from drug overdose on Friday, November 20, 2020.

The deceased is survived by a wife and two young boys.

Mourning him, OAP Kody D Kodynator wrote: “Hillary!!!!!!!!! What kind of thing is this???”

Sports journalist, Bolarinwa Olajide wrote:

“People are going through a lot, and sacking people unjustly is the last thing an employer should do in these times. A friend was sacked and took his life the following day. Do not test people’s mental health. Nigeria is hard enough. RIP Hilary O.”

Another person tweeted: “This year couldn’t get any worse. Hillary was like a brother to me. God please why!!!!!!“

A social media user however berated his former work colleagues for not defending him before losing his job, but quick to praise him after he took his life.

He wrote:

WAHALA NO THE FINISH…..You will start observing closely on the social media pages of his formal co workers saying how good and nice he was and how they will miss him upanda..But guess what? Non of them stood to defend him when the accusations was leveled on him .Non even spoke on his behalf…..Ndi ala Ndi ala

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