“He Is My Husband, But We Are On Separation”, Ginimbi’s Soulmate Zodwa Mkandla Finally Speaks

Assuming the role of a widow, Zodwa took to social media to mourn her partner writing;

“Go well my soulmate no one will ever understand what we shared Ginimbi, no one can replace you REST IN PEACE”

Reports have it that Zodwa Mkandla is the woman behind the late Genius Kandugure. She curved his path into the corporate world. The affair between Ginimbi and Zodwa was made known after Ginimbi and a business man called Wicknell Chivayo were involved in a fraudulent court case.

Zodwa Mkandla disclosed that Ginimbi was her husband but they do not live under the same roof;

“He is my husband, we stay together and Wicknell Chivayo even phoned me saying, ‘sister I’m sorry I dragged Genius into this case’.

“He is my husband, but we are on separation. We are on separation and we don’t stay under the same roof anymore”

Zodwa stated that though they had an excellent relationship, they were not living under the same roof. Ginimbi didn’t also reveal much about his marital life.

Tentative reports suggests that Zodwa is set to take over Ginimbi’s Domboshava mansion and his cars.

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