Ginimbi’s Father Won’t Be Getting Anything His Son Acquired, As His Will Was Reviewed

Over the weekend, Genius Ginimbi Kandugure was laid to rest and the occasion was attended by thousands of people. He truly garnered much love from his people.

He was best known for the lavish lifestyle and his fleet of expensive cars. Ginimbi passed away in a gory accident after returning from the party last week. He had to officially sign his will a day after his demise. The contents of his will suggested that there was nothing going to his biological father.

Mr Anderson Kandugure disclosed to the news media that he was not in touch with his and doesn’t have the slightest idea of how he amassed so much wealth. He only heard news of his demise. He said;

“At the point when he was growing up I could perceive how shrewd he was in the city. He was not scholastically skilled yet he was road shrewd. At the point when he was 16 he joined the family in the vegetable cultivating business. 

“At the point when he was 17 he went to search for circumstances in Harare and when he returned he was presently driving a Mercedes Benz C Class. He just revealed to me he was in the gas business,”

From the contents of the will, Ginimbi stated that all his designer clothes should be burnt, cars sold and money given to charity. He added that his mansion should be transformed into a hotel.

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