Everton have paid a touching tribute to Marcus Rashford after the Manchester United star’s charity work to end child food poverty in the UK.

The 23-year-old has endeared himself and earned widespread praise across the country with his groundbreaking campaign – and a thank you message has now been displayed on the big screen at Goodison Park.

The striking moment of gratitude, which was spearheaded by the Everton Fans’ Forum, was also accompanied by programme notes praising Rashford from Carlo Ancelotti.

Everton have paid tribute to Manchester United star Marcus Rashford after his charity work.

Rashford has spearheaded efforts to ensure that vulnerable children are not left to go hungry with the coronavirus pandemic heavily affecting finances for families. 

His campaign has lobbied the Government to provide free school meals since March after it was revealed that the scheme would be stopped during the holidays.

The England international has also been honoured with an MBE, and works closely alongside charity FareShare to help those in need. 

Rashford has worked closely with charity FareShare to ensure vulnerable children are fed

Everton’s message reads: ‘Thank you for sticking up for your kids who needed a voice, here on Merseyside and across the country.’

The graphic is completed with a picture of Rashford in action for the Old Trafford club this season.

Ancelotti, meanwhile, has also taken the time to share his feelings about Rashford’s selfless acts in his programme notes ahead of the the game.

He wrote: ‘I heard our supporters are saying thank you to Marcus Rashford for his incredible effort to ensure no child in this country is hungry.

‘I say congratulations, too. In football we have a privileged position where people hear our voices.

‘Marcus is using his platform to make a meaningful and lasting change and doing his work with maturity and dignity.’ 

Rashford has been celebrated with an incredible mural on the streets of Manchester, meanwhile. His smiling face is etched onto a brick wall with a jet black background. 

The work was created by local artist Akse.  

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