Banner supporting Donald Trump flies over Goodison Park ahead of Everton vs Manchester United

With Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s job on the line, the Manchester United manager must’ve dreaded the sight of a message being flown over Goodison Park ahead of the club’s trip to Everton.

But, rather bizarrely, the message had nothing at all to do with Solskjaer – or football, for that matter.

Instead, some fans decided to use the occasion to get behind US President Donald Trump’s election campaign, which isn’t going so well.

Republican Trump has falsely made allegations of voter fraud as Democrat candidate Joe Biden edges closer to the White House in a nail-biting race.

There is absolutely no evidence to back Trump’s claims that ‘if you count the legal votes I win’, but they seemed to have gained a bit of traction – on this side of the pond too.

Ahead of the Premier League clash on Merseyside, a plan flew over Goodison Park with the message: ‘World knows Trump won #maga’ [Make America Great Again].

It is not known which set of fans, or indeed whether either, are responsible for the banner.

Southampton also decided to get political on Friday night – but their message was way funnier.

After the Saints briefly went top of the Premier League as a result of their 2-0 victory over Newcastle, their Twitter page shared an image of the Premier League table alongside the caption: ‘STOP THE COUNT’.

Trump tweeted the same message as he began to lose ground in crucial states, although his supporters could be heard chanting ‘count the votes’ in battlegrounds where the president was winning.

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