Martin Keown criticised Jose Mourinho after the Tottenham manager hit out at his team on Instagram.

The Spurs boss posted on social media after his side were beaten 1-0 by Antwerp in the Europa League.

Mourinho is furious with his players
Mourinho is furious with his players

It was a lacklustre performance from the north London club and Mourinho let the whole world know he was unhappy.

He wrote:

“Bad performances deserve bad results. Hope everyone in this bus is as upset as I am. Tomorrow 11AM training.”

Keown was a pundit on BT Sport this evening and said that the Tottenham manager should not be posting things like this.

He said: “I’m not happy with Mourinho being so public. Save it for the dressing room.

“Is this how we’re going to communicate (over Instagram)? If you’re gonna talk to me, talk to my face. Don’t do posts.”

“Keep it in house, it’s a bit childish what you’re hearing. Players have to keep their mouths shout, but he can say whatever he wants publicly. I would rather keep it in the dressing room. I’m not sure that’s healthy.”

Dele Alli was taken off at half-time against Antwerp
Dele Alli was taken off at half-time against Antwerp

Mourinho was clearly unhappy with his side’s display and hauled off four players at half-time but that still wasn’t enough to turn things around.

Dele Alli was one of the players taken off at the break but Mourinho refused to single out anyone.

While speaking to the press, he said: “I don’t want to analyse individually. It’s fair to say that players with bad performances influence the team but also a team influence individual performances.

“It’s not for me to individualise and bring some names to the table. You can do that yourself. You always tell me ‘why is this player not playing, why is this player not playing’ – maybe you don’t ask me that for a few weeks as you have the answer.

“You know what our best team is. I always like to think the players deserve an opportunity. We have a big squad with lots of good players.

“It’s my responsibility to give them opportunities but it’s also their opportunity to catch the chance with both hands and ask for more. Tonight shows my future choices are going to be very easy.”

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