Strange But True: Meet Elizabeth, The Woman Who Was Born With Two Vag!nas (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Elizabeth Amoaa is a beautiful Ghanaian woman who was born with two cervixes, two wombs, and two vajayjays. She was diagnosed with uterus didelphys in 2015. This caused her a lot of pains over the years of which she had no idea.

After she was treated for her ailment, she opened up that she had never heard of such disease in her entire life however the doctor explained it to her.

Throughout her life, she had complained a lot about stomach pains, back pains, v@ginal thrusts, weird types of menstruation, and many more. She was later diagnosed with Uterine fibroids which meant it will be hard to have a child.

Thankfully, Elizabeth conceived and now has a daughter who lives with her in Walsall, Birmingham.

See some Images of Elizabeth Amoaa

Watch Video Here;

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