Nigerians have reacted to the camera found by Mr. Babatunde Fashola, the Minister for Works and Housing and a part-time detective at the Lekki toll gate.

The Minister found the camera lying at the scene unburnt nor scratched when he toured the spot where the #EndSARS protesters converged for 13 days and were attacked by the army on Tuesday night where most of them were shot and killed.

There have been divided opinions on deaths recorded as the army together with some government officials have denied killing people at the toll booth. The discovery of the camera will give a detailed explanation and views on the event that happened on Tuesday night.

However, Nigerians have reacted wildly to the discovery of the camera saying it was planted there on purpose to twist the true picture of the event that happened at the toll gate. Apparently, people have been to the spot all week and never came across the camera in plain sight until detective Fashola found it.


@mide_places wrote; “It’s that not a minister of darkness that’s said he saw the camera 😂😂😂, and the camera is new without been burn, really this country should be on Netflix 😂😂

@cali_dahgreat; “The fire dinor even burn the camera sef…God is great 🚶‍♀️

@senatorodeh; Old fools… they don’t deserve to be called Fathers… so much lies and deceit inside of them.

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