Dorathy has admitted feelings for some of the evicted Housemates hours before the show ends.

On day 69, the Housemates went into the Garden to chat about almost everything around the show.

Dorathy was put on the hotseat and the four remaining Housemates drilled her on questions about who she liked in the House.

“My feelings for Bright Owere just based on infatuation but I liked his lips, fingers and feet,” she said.

Continuing her confession, Dorathy said: “I also liked Kiddwaya at some point.”

Vee asked if she kissed Bright O and Dorathy claimed not to remember.

She later told them she didn’t kiss Bright O but Neo’s reaction said otherwise as he kept exclaiming.

While some of them guessed that she liked Bright O, all of them were so certain that she had strong feelings for Prince beyond their obvious friendship.

An inquisitive Vee decided to drill Dorathy and asked her about Prince.

Responding, Dorathy admitted to having the conversation with Prince about how going into a relationship would make their friendship awkward.

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