Ozo’s love interest, Rebecca Nengi Hampson has revealed the tears she shed on Sunday was not because of his eviction but rather the lie she told him the previous day.

Recall Ozo and Nengi had a misunderstanding over a slice of meat which he reserved but Nengi ate it without giving him a bite from it. She took offense from his reactions as she didn’t expect him to be angry over food. At the party room on Saturday night, she used hurtful words on him and asked him to stop being friends with her.

Speaking with Big Brother, Nengi said she cried after Ozo was evicted because of the hurtful words she used on him on Saturday because she never meant any of it. She told him she didn’t care about him but it was a lie.


“The reason I was so emotional yesterday was not even because Ozo left. We had already talked about it the previous day that whatever happens at this stage we are all winners we will just sit down and gist about it.

We’ve already had that discussion so it was not really about him leaving. It was what had happened the previous day on Saturday.

We were having an argument and he came to me and was ‘like you know I’m up for eviction let’s try and settle this thing out’. Anger is a very bad thing, because of anger I was like, ‘I don’t care’ which, by the way, is the biggest lie ever.

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