Mr. Macaroni Unveiled As 1960Bet Ambassador

Nigeria’s pioneer betting company, 1960Bet, has appointed actor and popular video content producer Debo Adedayo (also known as Mr.Macaroni) as its brand ambassador.

Adedayo, who plays the comedic role of a randy man in online videos that regularly attract large viewership , is the new face of the betting outfit aiming to return to its leadership role in the gaming industry.

Mr. Macaroni said during a media event at 1960Bet’s headquarters in Lagos yesterday that he was very pleased to be working with the brand.

“1960Bet is the number one sports betting company in Nigeria and I’m glad to be associated with them,” he said. “I’m delighted to accept this role and I’m committed to do my best to promote the brand with all the means available to me.

“I’m confident that 1960Bet will continue to do their best to satisfy their customers and reach for greater heights. The brand will continue to render excellent services to their agents and punters.”

When asked how good the new deal is and how it compares to others he has had, Mr. Macaroni resorted to one of his most popular lines, saying: “All I can tell you is that the 1960Bet deal is fantabulous!”

The Executive Director of 1960Bet, Oluwatosin Ayoola, who heads the new management of the outfit as it seeks to regain its place at the top of the betting markets, promised that the company has come to stay this time.

“We’re repositioning as market leaders and I assure you 100 percent that we pay our winnings promptly. You play, you win, we pay,” said Ayoola, revealing that 1960Bet will be running an Independence promo up until 30th September to celebrate Nigeria’s 60th anniversary.

The promo is open to any punter who stakes up to N1000 with the prizes ranging from N10,000 to smartphones and N100,000.

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