I Drink Cow Urine Daily – Bollywood Actor, Kumar Reveals

Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar has revealed that he drinks a daily dose of cow urine, joining a growing number of Indians who believe it has medicinal value, including being able to battle coronavirus.

Kumar is considered a staunch supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, which has budgeted millions of US dollars for research into products using bovine waste to cure diseases like diabetes and cancer.

There is no comprehensive scientific evidence of any medicinal benefits, but several politicians from Modi’s right-wing ruling party have advocated using the dung and urine to cure coronavirus.

The 53-year-old Bollywood star was promoting his appearance on British TV adventurer, Bear Grylls show, in which they drink tea made from elephant dung in an Indian tiger reserve.

“I was too excited to be worried. I have cow urine because of ayurvedic reasons every day, so that was okay,” Kumar said on a social media live chat.

Many Hindus believe cows are sacred and drink its urine for medicinal benefits.

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