Triple H is delighted to see Arsenal using his theme music at the Emirates, but warned the Premier League side they better keep winning.

“It’s all about the game and how you play it,” the Motorhead song goes – and Mikel Arteta’s team have been playing it very well since the music was first used as they emerged for the second hald against Liverpool on 15 July.

Arsenal came from behind against the champions to win 2-1 and later won the FA Cup and Community Shield, beating Chelsea and Liverpool respectively.

So far it’s a winning combination and the only thing that appears to be missing is captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang spitting water into the air before entering the pitch.

“I’m very excited about that,” 14-time WWE champion Triple H explained.

“WWE is one of those brands, it resonates globally. The level of excitement, it’s what we do.

“Whether it’s the music, the in-ring product or whether it’s the spectacle that we bring to it when you come to a WrestleMania, a RAW or a SmackDown. The spectacle that is there attacks your senses from every side.

“And music is a big part of setting the theme. So what better theme for Arsenal to have blaring over a loud speaker system than Lemmy of Motorhead screaming ‘time to play the game’? There’s nothing better than that.

“All you have to do at that point is go out and back it up. Anytime you can connect that fanbase to me is great for everybody and I’m thrilled. I thank them for doing it – just make sure you win when you play my music, that’s all.”

As well as the trophies, the Gunners have had a promising transfer window, with the acquisition of Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille as well as Willian, while it appears more business could be done if Hector Bellerin is sold.

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