Big Brother on Sunday afternoon after he returned from his short vacation, issued strikes to housemates Erica, Kiddwaya, and Ozo.

On his return, ‘Biggie’ gathered the housemates in the lounge and played a video clip which had Erica and Kiddwaya whispering to each other, discussing details their diary sessions. The video also had Ozo whispering to Neo.

Erica, and TolaniBaj also received strikes for flouting rules that guided the Head of House lounge.

In respect to this, Erica received 2 strikes and is banned from partaking in HOH games and cannot be nominated for deputy 4 a week.

Ozo received 1 strike, and Kiddwaya also received 1 strike alongside being banned from HOH for games for 3 weeks beginning from next week.

TolaniBaj herself received 1 strike and is not to partake in HOH games for a week and cannot be nominated for deputy either.

Big Brother also banned all the Housemates from using hot water until further notice

According to the rules, housemates are not to communicate without cameras, in secret code and tamper with camera.

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