Some Nollywood celebrities who gained a spot in the movie industry have surprisingly shot from stardom and financial stability to ground zero. Some of these celebrities have been down with sickness while others have also sunk financially.

Below are 4 Nollywood actors whose career went down hill after suffering health challenge.


Ernest Asuzu is a Nollywood actor who is nicknamed “the bad boy” due to the acting roles he normally features in. He used to be famous but due to health issues, he has left the acting screen. He was seen earlier this year begging for alms on the streets. It was reported that he suffered stroke.


Victor is one of the Nollywood actors who is also played an important role in the movie industry. He was associated with great personalities such as Wole Soyinka. He became popular in the series titled “Tinsel”. He was reported to have suffered nervous system injury in 2016.


Popular Nollywood actor Ifeanyi is well known as “Ugo Shave Me” in a movie titled conspiracy and he also played a role in Egg of life. He’s also down with strange sickness.


A Multiple award-winning singer, songwriter, and guitarists were popularly known for his reggae music. However, he was reportedly battling with drug addiction and later came out publicly to seek help. He passed on at age 57 in June 2020.

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