Popular Nigerian investigative journalist,  Kemi Olunloyo has advised Nigerians to drop the culture of getting married.

According to the controversial journalist, marriage is the biggest scam in Nigeria.

Kemi admonished single Nigerians to stay single, and suggests that EFCC, the  Nigerian law enforcement agency should arrest married people before yahoo boys.

The 56-year-old in a tweet disclosed that she made the decision to never get married when she was 27.

She highlighted the dangers of getting married, adding that in marriages married men kill wives, frequent prostitution and keep side chicks.

Her tweet reads ;

“Open your eyes! Stay single! Never been married, never will. I said this at 27yo. 30 yrs later my classmates are DIVORCED or on 4th husband like Joy Nunieh. Many married men kill wives too, frequent Prostitutes, side chick. Dump that marriage culture, buy a sex toy and LIVE.

 Nigerians have taken to the comment session to express their stance on the topic.A Nigerian twitter user with user name @emperorjamal88  is of the opinion that marriage is sweet when you marry someone after your heart.

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