There was pandemonium in Zuba, Gwagwalada Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) when rain washed off many houses built on waterways, leaving three dead.

The Nation learnt the heavy rain, which started around 2am on Saturday, killed three children whose houses were submerged.

It was gathered their parents tried their best to save them to no avail.

The rain washed away cars, pulled down buildings with several soakaways completely damaged.


Bridges leading to Ikwa, Yimi and other villages inside Zuba were flooded and damaged, leaving motorists scampering to alternative but unmotorable roads.

Residents were seen in clusters, sympathising with affected families whose properties had been washed off.

The Nation learnt over a hundred houses along the waterways were affected.

All the houses, about ten to twenty metres from the river bank, were completely submerged.

The Nation gathered a man whose house was submerged made frantic efforts to save his children with sympathetic neighbours.

But the attempt to ferry the second child to safety turned tragic as the child mistakenly fell into the water and was washed away.

So far three children have been declared dead and properties destroyed.

Residents were seen drying their clothes, mattresses and other items salvaged from the flood.

Director General, FCT Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Idriss Abbas said there was only a building collapse in Dawaki as a result of the flood.

Abbas also confirmed that Gwagwalada was flooded from Giri.

According to him: “A family of five was washed away at Giri. We got one body and still searching for four.

“We rescued six people and are in the hospital. The flood has damaged a lot of houses and property especially at Gwagwalada.

‘’The residents are still saying some are missing but they cannot give us the identities of such persons who they claim to be missing.

Abbas said: “They should not drive on water. They should not build on flood plain. They must respect the master plan of FCT and ensure that all drainages are clean.

‘’What happened in Giri-Gota was because people built on flood plain”.

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